Why is Putin misunderstood?

Most male Russian and Soviet leaders are misunderstood. Quiet. Strong, soft-spoken. Carrying the weight of their nations on their shoulders. They are seen as strong. And they are. But who is there for them? Fundamentally, they are alone. Like some tragic super-hero, living a life apart. Even when they have wives and children, they aren’t seen in public often. It isn’t the Russian or Soviet way to parade around one’s family for political purposes.

Vladimir Putin looks like the kind of man who never cries—unless it is for his country, and that is due to patriotism. That is one of the few things that can stir his heart.

For the West, he has always been The Big Bad Putin,™ a monster who is to be resisted, stared down, politically targeted, and, ultimately, singled out for extinction. He is The Other, a beast, someone who only deserves hate, scorn, and contempt.

For his people, he is a non-ideological moderate, a lion tamer of oligarchs, a man who is inextricably bound up with the Russian system that to lose him would to cause the entire system to collapse. He is someone the Russian people know. He is a familiar face in an age of uncertainty. He is the father of a nation.

But who is the real Vladimir Putin. There was an interview with him, and the speaker asked of his family. But, for a moment, a warm smile. One a few days later, on TV, there was an American psychologist who said that they had hired to study Putin’s face for any weaknesses to exploit. She came up with a weakness—his love for his children. Within one more week, I saw an article in the paper which said that the government was focusing on sanctioning Putin’s daughters.

How ghoulish. To target a man by studying what he loves most. Reasons like this is why I hate the West down to a cellular level. It is evil. That’s not Putin propaganda. That is a profound hatred for fundamental decency. There is nothing more beyond the grace of God than the West.

Putin is misunderstood by because the attempt to understand him isn’t honest. It isn’t made in good faith. Nobody knows the real Putin, except those who dare to try. I did. This was several months ago.

We can understand anyone if we dare listen. But how many dare? Almost none do. I doubt few will.

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