On our favorite Pied Piper of Quora

It is sad that people make claims against me that are inconsistent with what I have written. I have called for the killing kulaks who were violent, not the entirety of them.

As for Dima, he believes in nothing, so it is easy to give him a free pass. And he dishonestly chopped up one of my answers and misrepresented it. I had to post the full answer on my own. Dima likes to take cheap shots. He’s nothing more than a snake charmer or Pied Piper.

Dima is all style, little substance. He serves Denny’s food at the Ritz Carlton and people lack the good taste to tell the difference. People who think they are clever because they are getting in on the “inside scoop” are naïve and foolish. Telling Westerners what they want to hear and letting them decode it for themselves is a very cute trick that works wonders for making people believe you are a genius.

And the “he lived it, I didn’t” I have already addressed. I have no interest in rehashing it.

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