The Doctor’s Plot was true

by Ozgur Zeren

Yes, the entire ‘plot’ is true.

The doctors were not themselves perpetrators though – more accessories coerced into cooperating. But the existence of a large conspiring group to effect a coup and take over the regime was true. Not to mention neverending series of sabotages which were happening here and there.

To the extent that white russians who were living in america back then were proudly writing how much funds they have sent to Russia to a given sabotage operation and how successful this or that operation was, and openly circulating these in their publications, memoirs in pre-war USA.

Moreover, the events, places names and dates match identically with the ones in notable persona’s memoirs like Churchill, Ex Tzarists, major white russian figures and Western industrialists who were mired with these crowds for taking their investments in old russia back.

Below is a link to a book which was published right around WW2 (first time – it had many editions) by two historians in united states, detailing the events that transpired in these angles since 1917 – complete with names and dates and characters as well. The book is assumed to be written by the help of FDR administration, since the gritty details and information which shouldnt be publicly available by early 1940s are surprisingly included in the book. That is rather natural though, since the book starts with the interview of an ex us diplomat/spy to moscow, details of various operations (then still sensitive) he has undertaken, and you just cant talk these things freely without permission.

The Great Conspiracy. The Secret War Against Soviet Russia. by M. Sayers, A. E. Kahn

This book was banned in usa during cold war. Make a guess why. But in its time, FDR administration basically made use of this book and the noise it generated to turn public opinion against nazis and the industrialists inside usa who openly backed them – including the eminent Henry Ford, rather a vocal and active sympathizer of fascist movements and a funder of white russian circles and their activities in usa.

Even though you will find Churchill’s statements in his memoirs and during the period very, very shameless and incredible, Trotsky’s actions during that era speak louder than anything in the period – he went and collaborated with a US congress/senate panel, which was made up of proto-fascists and asked them to prosecute all communists in usa – despite being a supposed revolutionary himself.

The most shocking thing is that, the people who were part of this panel then went on to form the famous ‘committee of anti american activities’, which was to the main tool of military-industry complex in usa for prosecuting dissent.

Imagine Saddam Hussein going and collaborating with a panel made up of George Bush, George W Bush, Rice, Cheney and whatnot.

So you can understand that the accusations raised against Trotsky has high traction.

What ordinary soviet citizens of the time say and think also sheds some light to the issue:

Fort Russ: Stalin’s repressions or a Russian civil war?

“Valya, don’t you understand, there was a civil war. Only the textbooks say that the Civil war ended in 1922. In reality it only ended with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Beyond the Urals practically the entire party leadership were the Trotskyists. Therefore beyond the Urals the prisoners were mostly Stalin’s supporters. And here – the Trotskyists and the representatives of the new opposition. It was a kind of a Civil war.”

Basically, bolsheviks just exiled all trostkyists to east of urals, to central asia where they could make little harm. (supposedly). Hence the rather extreme comfort and excessive political activity of Trotsky during the time when he was also sent to eastern russia after that fashion – staying in a rather comfortable mansion, constantly sending letters and organizing political opposition to the administration – even at the wake of world war 2.

Very dangerous.


Establishment in the West hated stalin. That is because industrialists in the west hated stalin. That is because stalin administration thwarted all their attempts in bringing back aristocracy to russia for their benefit, through a civil war and then various coup attempts. All of which are referenced in the best seller book i linked with their dates, times and their unfolding.

White russians who emigrated to west and lobbied like world is ending tomorrow, have great effect in that propaganda in the west against stalin and then ussr, but the initial effort which lit the fire is standard oil, who lost their oil rights in caucasus with the revolution – allying with white russian circles in the west. The counter-subversive activities were so blunt and open that, these circles have already arranged funds and organization for having French invade caucasus around late 1920s, which flopped due to great depression upturning everything. Otherwise even the general who was to lead the expedition was picked.

British establishment, foremost churchill took over that coalesced hate of industrialists in the west as flag bearers. So much that Churchill was planning to bomb ussr even as uk fought nazi germany for its survival, in the first two years of the war.

He was especially rabid after stalin asked him to let british colonies have their independence towards the end of ww2. So much that he was pushing for World War 3 as soon as ww2 ended:

Operation Unthinkable: Churchill’s plan to start World War III

Towards the end of the war the flag-bearership passed to american military-industry complex, and naturally ussr was chosen as the ‘evil enemy’ to fulfill the role of the everlasting enemy to enable the military-industry complex to have usa as they wanted it : “Usa must be in a permanet state of war”, the leading senator of the group who put truman into power in democratic primaries of 1944 through a soft coup, had said.

Since then there had been propaganda going on according to that policy, and this issue is no different.

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