Why the history of the Soviet Union and Stalin Matter

I have heard criticisms that “communists overly focus on history, and that trying to rehabilitate Stalin and the Soviet Union is not going to win us any new followers, nor convince anyone. Perhaps we should just focus on the present and move forward.”

I disagree:

  1. History provides the narrative that helps people understand the present. That is why people with psychological problems see therapists. They discuss their problems and the therapist helps them work through these problems. The therapist is a narrative guide, a kind of anchor while the patient does the work. The past informs the present. After Khrushchev denounced Stalin, he caused monumental damage to the survival of the Soviet Union. It would be the equivalent of Obama going on television and announcing that George Washington was a mass murderer. The narrative of the people would be destroyed. And it is these narratives that help form a sense of social cohesion. They also lead people to trust the government enough to feel invested in its rule. In the Soviet Union Stalin was admired by the people, and there was even a cult of personality around him. What made it worse was that Khrushchev’s denouncement was built upon lies, as researched by Dr. Grover Furr in his book, “Khrushchev Lied.”
  2. When you say you are a communist you get told “Stalin was a mass murderer,” “The Soviet Union fell, communism doesn’t work,” “communism killed 100 million people.” These are all lies, and if they are true then we should quit being communists because it would be irrational to remain such. But reality is on our side. These are lies, as David King and I have discussed repeatedly.
  3. I became a communist after learning I had been lied to about the cause of the Soviet Union. It led me to look closer at history. Others would become communists if they knew the truth and cut through the lies.
  4. Nobody is saying Stalin and the Soviet Union are perfect. In my posts I focus on the positives because there are already mountains of lies and negativity. You can go anywhere to read that.
  5. Anti-communists have said that “Finnegan relies on Soviet propaganda for his claims about the Soviet Union, and Soviet statistics are unreliable.” This is an extremely stupid claim. First, I rely primarily on respected Western scholars, as I don’t read Russian. And the West already has a bias against communism, so my refutations of Western lies should be even more pronounced, not less. Second, some former Soviet citizens who are right wing claim that I am “regurgitating the propaganda they learned in school.” They were taught socialism in school. But they don’t agree with socialism, so they call it “Soviet propaganda.” But what if socialism is true? Then when they hear it again, they cannot tell truth from lie, right from wrong. Third, there are some who cannot tell the difference between fact vs opinion.

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