Beware of propaganda…

Beware of Propaganda (on Quora)

I’m sorry but I can take no more. I understand the role of psyops and the use of social media for propaganda purposes. The Russians are boss at it. Do I care? No. Influencing people and elections is what nations do. I think Dima Vorobiev is doing a bang up job for Mr. Putin and the Russian government. Good for him. At least there is some style to it. Hell, I even laugh sometimes as Dima plays with Westerners like a cat plays with a mouse.

Then the CIA decided to get into the game. Checkout the account by “Misha Firer.” Not surprisingly he gets thousands of new followers each week. Must be nice to have the Quora algorithm artificially tuned to your posts. Anyway, I wouldn’t doubt he is a real person from Moscow. Great. Either he is “writing” the posts with assistance, or doing it full time, but you can guarantee ALL of it is going to be anti-Russian and plays into all the Western stereotypes about Russia and Russians. As you might guess, his conclusion is that it is hell on earth.

Read this one: Misha Firer’s answer to How was it to grow up in the Soviet Union?

or this one: Misha Firer’s answer to How bad was the healthcare in the Soviet Union?

or this: Misha Firer’s answer to What do you know about Russian literature and what have you read?

Check out this one about the Soviet Union being nothing but a “penal colony” where everyone was drunk, even at work and people were right on the edge of suicide damn near each moment:

He doesn’t even give Russia credit for defeating Hitler and the Nazis. Even the most self hating Russians wouldn’t do that:

He also has a few “helpers” in the comments section, who help give credibility to his “writings.” Lovely.

Tell people what they want to hear and they think you are a genius. There is no way this account is not associated with some American propaganda arm. No way.

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