Why do people blame Stalin for the Holodomor even though it was the Kulaks who tried to counter his “collectivized farming” policy by seizing the crops of lower-peasants and burning entire livestocks?

Many reasons, and all of them have to do with politics and nothing to do with facts. The reality is that the kulaks were not the sole reason for the Holodomor, but a substantial reason for it.[1][2] Drought, a higher birthrate prior to the famine, and inefficient farming methods also played a large role.[3][4] Of course famines in Russia were not exceptional—they were the norm, going back hundreds of years, especially during the Tsarist period. [5] It wasn’t until collectivization under Stalin that the famines ended. [6] Food security came with Putin’s adoption of large scale, technology driven farming methods.

Soviet workers discover grain hidden by kulaks to be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices while people starved.

The Holodomor as deliberate was a fiction of propaganda, fashioned by Goebbels, to invoke Ukrainian nationalism ahead of the German invasion.[7] It worked. Thousands of Ukrainian Red Army soldiers abandoned their duties and became the willing soldiers of Hitler.[8] In fact, many of these were used by the Nazis to commit the most despicable acts of violence against Jews, as many were virulently anti-Semitic.[9] Poland and other bordering Russian nations were pro-fascist and right wing, and that is why Stalin wanted to bring them into the Soviet Union—to tame them and to prevent them from collaborating with the West to amass troops and missiles at the borders.

Hans Frank and Dr. Hofstetter of SS Galizien enter a Ukrainian Greek Catholic church prior to the installation of volunteers in Sanok, 1943.

Askaris admiring their work murdering Jews

Excerpt from a report by a member of the battalion about shooting “all Jews which were met” in Vinnytsia region[10]

The Simon Wiesenthal Center contends that between June 30 and July 3, 1941, in the days that the Battalion was in Lviv the Nachtigall soldiers together with the German army and the local Ukrainians participated in the killings of Jews in the city. The pretext for the pogrom was a rumor that the Jews were responsible for the execution of prisoners by the Soviets before the 1941 Soviet withdrawal from Lviv. The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust states that some 4,000 Jews were kidnapped and killed at that time.[20] It further states that the unit was removed from Lviv on July 7 and sent to the Eastern Front.[11]

Out of spite at the loss of their comfortable bourgeois existences, the kulaks ensured the death of many. Often they hid grain that was supposed to be collected and rationed so everyone could have some. Instead, they sold “their” grain on the black market at exorbitant prices.

There are many analogies between the kulaks of yesterday with the American bourgeoisie and their willingness to seal the fate of hundreds of thousands of people to make profits off the labor of their workers by sending them into the open economy during a COVID-19 pandemic. They put their interest in profits above the lives of people. This is why socialism hates capitalism so much. It is why socialism cannot permit capitalism to exist. It must be smashed. Individual morality and whether the kulaks were greedy or spiteful is not the Marxist Leninist question. The kulak system enabled their behavior.

In 1929, Joseph Stalin said:

We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us.

Speech “The Tasks of Economic Executives” (4 February 1931) Stalin said this in 1931, at the beginning of the rapid industrialization campaign. Ten years later, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

He couldn’t have been more prescient. Had he not pushed for collectivization, then industrialization could not have been achieved on time. Had that not happened, then Hitler had his own plans, including the Hunger Plan, which planned on starving most of the genetically “inferior” people in the Soviet Union and enslaving the remainder. But for Joseph Stalin and his iron will in smashing the kulaks, the Nazis would have likely prevailed in Europe.

Alexander Finnegan’s answer to What is the history of famines and starvation in Russia 1850-present day?

Why Stalin killed the kulaks

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