What do you think of Marxist Leninists on Quora? Are they always right?

I am proud of them. I am thankful to them:

  1. For their courage. Courage to face scorn, ridicule and hatred every day. And they do it voluntarily. Nobody is paying them to be on Quora. They do it because they have heart.
  2. For their openness. Few people have the guts to look at their entire worldview and ask “Is this true? Did my parents, teachers, and pastor get it wrong?” Talk about cognitive dissonance. But they do it. They muck through the pool of sewage against Marxism Leninism, against Lenin, against Stalin, and Mao Zedong while others shake their heads in smug defeat and walk away.
  3. For their love.

4. For their grit. For writing answers with hundreds and thousands of views but 3 upvotes. For fighting to defend Comrade Stalin, not to convince people to become communists—the ones who won’t listen to the truth about history wouldn’t have become communists anyway—but out of a sense of comradeship. The injustice of the propaganda war against the USSR and Stalin, Lenin and others doesn’t sit well with them, even if convincing the world is a Sisyphean task.

5. For their patience. Patience in knowing that real change will never come from a bourgeois ballot box, but working each day to build communism in the long term. Patience to hold on, never knowing when the time will be ripe for revolution, and humbly accepting their larger place in making things happen. They don’t get the consolation of believing that real change might come from simply building a communist “brand” that will convince enough voters to elect their candidate. Patience in accepting that if reason and rationality won elections and brought change then there wouldn’t be a Republican President—ever. Patience in knowing that the bourgeois election system would never permit a socialist candidate who might really disrupt the power of the oligarchs to take office. Whether it be stuffing ballot boxes, manipulating super delegates, or even assassination, the bourgeoisie won’t ever peacefully give up their power.

6. For their realism. For knowing that we have less than 12 years to stop using fossil fuels or climate change will be the end of civilization as we know it. For accepting that historically, no libertarian socialist society has lasted more than a few years. For seeing how the Green New Deal was crushed by Democrats, not just Republicans. For knowing that the Paris Commune of 1871, Revolutionary Catalonia, and others were smashed and massacred by anti-socialist forces. For accepting that libertarian socialism, the Democratic Party, and others cannot save us, and that only a Marxist Leninist revolution has been able throughout history to push out the capitalists and build a long term socialist society. For knowing that this position will mean hate, ridicule and scorn, and may one day even cost one’s life, but holding it anyway. Because it is right.

I am incredibly thankful for my Marxist Leninist comrades. I consider them true friends. And I am grateful we can share ideas and work together to destroy capitalism, one day at a time.

Are they always right? No. Who is? But are they more right than wrong? Absolutely.

When I started law school the professor asked us:

“How do you eat an elephant?”

The answer:

“One bite at a time.”

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