How would I feel if the U.S. government changed to communism?

Let’s define our terms first:

Marxism in one sentence:

History is the story of class struggle, and capitalism is built on the private ownership of the means of production, which due to competition, requires that workers get paid as little as possible as their labor is performed but not fully paid, as employers create profits—this leads to alienation, oppression, and exploitation, as workers become wage slaves—capitalism incentivizes the development of automation, which will cause such high levels of unemployment that the people will revolt and seize the means of production and usher in a new age, that age of communism, which is a moneyless, stateless, and classless society which is owned and managed by the workers, under the philosophy of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Communism—Marx said that capitalism will give rise to automation to eliminate labor costs. Competition will lead to automation. But this will displace so many jobs that unemployment will rise, causing misery and suffering that would make the Great Depression look like nothing. People will rise up and seize the means of production for themselves. Workers will own the means of production and manage themselves. A new age will begin, the age of communism. Society will become moneyless, stateless, and classless. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

“Communism”—colloquialism. In America the term “communist” is used to describe Marxist Leninist socialist nations like the USSR, China, and Cuba. As indicated by the definition above, these nations did not meet the definition of true communism as they still used money and still had a state. Colloquialisms are words that are everyday meanings used by people but which are not accurate.

Socialism—Workers own the means of production. There is still money and a state.

Marxism-Leninism—a form of socialist government that relies upon a vanguard party of revolutionary intelligentsia that help lead the proletariat toward increased class consciousness and understands Marxist theory. The means of production are owned by the workers and held by the state. There is one party, the Communist Party. It maintains ideological purity and filters out candidates that don’t believe in socialism. State managers must be members of the Communist Party.

How would I feel if the government changed to communism?

Here’s a hint:

It would be the best day of my life if the U.S. government changed to Marxism Leninism. All of my struggles over the years to defeat capitalism will have paid off. Americans would finally be able to get guaranteed employment, universal healthcare, free education from preschool to graduate school, a sustainable economy like Cuba, and guaranteed housing.

The economy would go from robber baron capitalism to a planned economy using big data, modern logistics, and modern computing. It would be as efficient as the privately owned planned economies which already exist—Amazon and Wal Mart)— except this economy would be owned for the people and by the people, held by the public. We would shutter the Republican and Democratic Party offices forever. There would only be one party, the Communist Party. It would be composed of dedicated communists. There would be term limits, mandatory age of retirement requirements for Politburo members, and anti-corruption probes to keep the Communist Party with as little corruption as possible. To keep the Party ideologically pure and committed, there must be a regular rotation of cadres. We would put people to work rebuilding the crumbling U.S. infrastructure, making it environmentally sustainable and fossil fuel free. To spur innovation there would be opportunities for the government sponsorship of new high technology divisions within the government, working with the planned economy so it was all integrated. There would be bonuses available for the hardest working and most innovative engineers, workers, and other comrades. Stalin had these types of bonuses and even internal competition among divisions to be more innovative. It all ended after Khrushchev took over.

But what about those who refused to be communist?

America is a very rugged individualist, business loving, and Puritanical society. The fundamentalist Right Wing in the U.S. won’t be happy. Of course all large and mid sized companies would be nationalized. The banks would be nationalized too. The oil companies would be nationalized and slowly phased out as green energy replaced it. Marx predicted there would be a fierce counter-revolutionary response. The bourgeoisie get cranky when you nationalize their means of production.

What to do?

If the anti-communist Americans take up arms against the government then they will face the firm hand of the dictatorship of the proletariat. America has plenty of prisons. Anyone who violently fights the new government would be met with all the military might the government possesses. Those captured would be sent to prison, where they would learn the value of hard labor by day and Marxist classes at night. Many of the wealthy like Jamie Dimon, billionaire and CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, would begin to understand how hard it is to work on your feet all day, and to see your soft hands grow hard from hard manual labor.

A Lesson from history

In the Soviet Union the pampered landowning class, the kulaks, resisted communism, ferociously. It only ended when Lenin ordered Red Terror (aka Revolutionary Terror)—not terrorism, but the use of overwhelming force to stop them. In fact Marx predicted this, and said:

It may seem tough, but remember, capitalism kills far more people each and every day. The difference is because of attenuation of cause we fail to make the connection. The capitalist system is the most murderous system imaginable.

What would my role be?

I have no interest in holding office or running a political party. I would be happy to do now as I am doing, which is to support communism. If the Communist Party wanted me to write for them, that I would be happy to do. I might even teach one of those nighttime Marxist classes to a room of students like Jamie Dimon, Mitch McConnell, and Michael Bloomberg.

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