“Why are you a Marxist Leninist,” by David King

Marxism-Leninism is the practical application of Marxism to the modern world. It’s the adaptation of Marxism by the writings and theories of Vladimir Lenin. It’s a universally applicable ideology and is by far the most widespread and historically significant version of Marxism.

Once upon a time I started of on Quora as a libertarian, not approving of Marx’s dictatorship of the proletariat at first, but still very interested in his analysis and criticism of capitalism. Anyone who has followed me since last November will remember me talking about revolutionary Catalonia non-stop, while at the same time trying to disregard Marxism-Leninism as “not real Socialism”. I presume that’s how most Socialists would have generally started off.

A few months later, I took an interest in Leninism, and I actually bothered to read about the USSR from a Marxist perspective. I looked through many sources, but I mostly began reading from this website:

It was at that point that I was convinced that what I thought about the history of Socialism was wrong, but I was unaware about how much I didn’t know. Honestly, bourgeois propaganda works pretty well.

I also began reading some of Alexander Finnegan’s posts, which convinced me even more. I’m pretty sure he was the only active Marxist-Leninist on Quora at the time. I still didn’t support Stalin or Mao though, as I still believed in many of the lies about them, such as the one about those damn sparrows.

I also started using this image of Lenin as my profile picture around this time:

Most of you will remember it. (I should probably change back to it at some point)

I referred to myself as a Leninist, still not wanting to be associated with Stalin or Mao or any other Marxist-Leninist leader because honestly this is what I was unfortunatelyimagining the USSR to be like the minute after Lenin died:

But now I realize, this is actually what happened after the USSR collapsed.

I dismissed any attempt at establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat after Lenin to be perversion of his and Marx’s ideas.

Fast forward a few months of radicalization and realization and we have Che as my profile picture:

It was at that point, after learning more about prominent Socialist figures and Socialist countries, that I said “screw it” and I refered to myself as a Marxist-Leninist. I was fully convinced at this point that Marxism-Leninism wasn’t as bad as I was made to believe.

Basically, my reason for changing to Marxism-Leninism is mainly because of me, overtime realizing that much of what I thought about about Socialism, or more specifically, it’s history, was wrong. I now know that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc…were not bad people, and I see Marxism-Leninism to be the most realistic method of transitioning from capitalism to Communism. It’s the only ideology capable of defending itself from capitalism, and has proven to be the most workable and stable alternative to capitalism.

Every Socialist country in history, Marxist-Leninist or not, has been attacked by the imperialist capitalist nations attempting to defend their interests. Even Marxist-Leninist countries have had an extremely hard time defending themselves from capitalists and revisionists. How would you expect less authoritarian systems to survive?

Is it a form of revisionism?The Marxist understanding of revisionism is understood as the attempt to revise Marxisms revolutionary theory to an anti-revolutionary character. It turns Marxism into something which serves the interests of the bourgeoisie rather than the workers.

“The questions of whether revolution should be upheld or opposed and whether the dictatorship of the proletariat should be upheld or opposed have always been the focus of struggle between Marxism-Leninism and all brands of revisionism”.

-Mao tse Tung

Based on the theoretical advancements gained in the experience of class struggle and the scientific analysis of revolutionary activities throughout the 20th century, Marxism-Leninism cannot be revisionist.

As Stalin said, “Leninism is Marxism in the era of imperialism”. What this basically means is that it is, as I have mentioned before, the practical application of Marxism to the modern world, where capitalism developed into it’s highest stage. Marx didn’t live to write about this development of capitalism, but Lenin certainly did.

Also, why have I chosen to use Stalin as my profile picture? To the majority of people, a dictatorial angry man with a caterpillar mustache is generally comes to mind first when they think of Socialism.

Stalin is one of the most iconic Socialist figures in history, he will forever be associated with Socialism, however, he is unfortunately mostly regarded some sort of Leftists version of Hitler.

We Socialists have two options here:

  1. Continue to demonize Stalin in an attempt to disassociate ourselves from him as Cold War propaganda has already convinced most people that he was the spawn of Satan who killed +60 million people singlehandedly with a spork and ate babies for breakfast.
  2. Try to expose the lies about Stalin, fight against the decades of propaganda and openly embrace his ideas and learn about his successes and failures so we’ve can learn from them.

So the reason why I have a portrait of Stalin as my profile picture is mostly to protest against the demonization against him from both capitalists and Socialists.

USSR/Eastern Europe:

  1. Was Lenin a dictator?
  2. Was Stalin a dictator?
  3. Was East Germany bad?
  4. Were Communist leaders rich?
  5. Did Stalin kill 20 million people?
  6. Did communists improve their nations?
  7. Was the Holodomor a man-mad famine?
  8. Why was Tito’s market Socialism not a success?
  9. What was the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact?
  10. Did Communism really kill “100 million people”?
  11. What were the working conditions in the USSR like?
  12. Is Gulag recognition as important as Holocaust recognition?
  13. Workers in eastern Europe and former Soviet states prefer socialism


  1. Is China Socialist?
  2. Is Vietnam Socialist?
  3. Was Pol Pot a Marxist?
  4. What do you think of North Korea?
  5. Did Mao cause the Great Chinese famine?
  6. Why did Mao launch the Cultural Revolution?

Cuba/Latin America:

  1. Was Che Guevara a racist?
  2. Does Cuba have elections?
  3. Why is Che Guevara famous?
  4. Is Venezuela a Socalist failure?
  5. How has Cuba changed since the death of Fidel Castro?
  6. Why did Fidel Castro decreed 3 days of mourning after Franco died?


  1. Why is Gaddafi a hero?
  2. Why is Socialism radical in the US?
  3. Was the Plymouth Colony Socialist?
  4. Which is evil: Communism or Nazism?
  5. Why should America change to communism?
  6. Who killed more people: Nazis or Communists?
  7. Which is more offensive: The Swastika symbol or Hammer and Sickle?

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