Why are there so many people who claim “Stalin did nothing wrong?”

They are being hyperbolic.

Here’s why:

  1. In reality Stalin was no worse than Churchill.[1]
  2. Stalin was unable to be beaten by the U.S. So like any other communist he has to be defeated by other means—propaganda.[2] [3] Mass murderer, pervert, pedophile, racist or homophobe—just pick one or several which the U.S. propagandists will attach to an effective communist.[4][5] [6] Every year Mao Zedong manages to kill another 10 million people.[7] [8] [9] [10][11] [12] [13]
  3. Stalin did some wrong things. As a committed Stalinist I am not comfortable saying “Stalin did nothing wrong.” But sometimes I feel like saying it to the indoctrinated toadies which see fit to make me known for the first time that Stalin was a “mass murderer, homophobe, or despot.” [14] As if I have never heard that before. [15] [16]
  4. I have thoroughly researched Stalin and the USSR. And no, I did not rely on Dima Vorobiev’s propaganda and only on Soviet official statistics. Anyone who troubled themselves to check my sources (which I always cite) would know this. I rely upon a wide variety of sources, primarily reliable Western historians. And no, anecdotal evidence from “escaped” former Soviet citizens is not historical research.[17][18]
  5. In this answer I cite my own answers. Within each of these answers there are citations to reliable sources. So if you happen to be especially lazy and claim that I am “citing myself” you would be wrong.
  6. Alexander Finnegan’s answer to Did the ends justify the means in the US alliance with the USSR during WWII? After all, it is stated that Stalin killed over 90 million of his own people.


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