Whats your opinion on why many corporations are promoting Pride month for? Is it because that “they really care ” about LGBT folks or do you think it’s to draw in more people to their business by ” honoring their month “?

Corporations are psychopathic gods. They are:

  1. Immortal
  2. Can be anywhere around the globe at once
  3. Amoral—they are tasked with making profits for shareholders. That is all. Everything else is secondary to corporations.
  4. Large multinational corporations have no loyalty to a nation, as they transcend borders.
  5. Are considered “persons” by the Supreme Court.

Keeping these things in mind, corporations are empowered to use any legal means to achieve these goals. And if breaking a legal contract is cost effective (aka an efficient breach), then they will do that to. In strict liability law some corporations calculate the cost of not remedying defects in products because it would be more cost effective to pay out strict liability injury suits than redesign the product. In states like Ohio there are limits on punitive and non economic damages (pain and suffering), that make marketing dangerous products cost effective.

Under the capitalist system there is enormous competition between capitalists. Anything that can provide even the slightest edge can mean more profits. Last year $107 billion dollars were spent on TV advertising alone. Marketers study psychology, demographics, sales trends, and even use big data to analyze marketing data.

Corporations study the psychology of their targeted audiences. For example, Apple used to target creative professionals, artists, and non-techie people to sell Macintosh computers. Steve Jobs came up with a marketing campaign that associated geniuses like Einstein and Picasso as “Thinking Different,” and this is what Mac users supposedly did too, because they rejected the geeky PC products.

No surprise then that corporations embrace things like Pride parades or Colin Kaepernik, who is a symbol of the protests against police brutality.

Don’t think that the marketing departments didn’t make damn sure that these advertising techniques didn’t turn off their intended customers.

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