Are the Chinese upset about the failed leadership of President Xi Jinping and the CCP?


The Chinese people are irate that under the terrible leadership of President Xi Jinping and the Commie Party that soon the Chinese economy will be larger than that of the U.S.

The Chinese people are furious that their living standards have risen so quickly.

They find it absolutely scandalous that undernourishment is becoming a thing of the past under the oppressive regime founded by Mao.

Socialism always fails, and now the rapidly growing Chinese Middle Class will have to think about that as its annual income keeps rapidly increasing. They may need to embrace American style capitalism to slow this down.

They may need to toss all of this success out the window and embrace Western style liberal democracy if there is any hope of slowing down the number of new infrastructure projects. In America there is no fear of that. Our bridges are collapsing and the drinking water is brown.

This is how it is done

American style freedom and democracy is what you want for this kind of success:

Yes. This is what the Chinese need. When will they learn?

The Chinese better hurry, it looks like their levels of inequality are coming down. That’s not good. Probably due to socialism.

Most of all, the problem is jealousy. No Chinese people, you can keep your President Xi. Trump is all ours and we won’t share him!

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